We are The E.T. Hotline Project and very happy to be able to show you our music.

Daniel Friedrich and I (Paul F. Forck) were able to start the project in the summer of 2023 with funding from Sparkasse Recklinghausen.

Musically, it became clear to both of us relatively quickly which direction we wanted to go musically. A mix of electronic and acoustic music which is instrumentally inspired by space and psychedelic rock influences from the 60s and 70s.
For us, our genre is a dreamy break to relax and we hope you can too.

Daniel and I met at the Altstadtschmiede Recklinghausen cultural center where we both looked after the sound technology. Relatively quickly it became clear to us that we harmonized very well not only musically but also personally and so the ball started rolling.

We are always open to feedback and inquiries, so feel free to write to us if you have any concerns.

Daniel and I also make music outside of this project. You can follow Daniels guitar sounds in the acoustic hip/hop band Luke und Betrug and you can find me in my melodic techno account Tonspektakel.

Best wishes and live long and in peace,
The E.T. Hotline Project

(Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG)
Paul Ferdinand Forck
Brauckweg 2
Oer-Erkenschwick 45739
Telefon: 01785470118

Kontakt E-Mail: thee.t.hotlineproject@gmail.com